Return to the Sea


Fórum Oceano is the promoter of this documentary directed by
Francisco Manso.

The fishing industry is the main focus during the eight episodes of the serie (with about 50 minutes each), were are discussed various fishing gears and fish processing, as other sectors important to support the development of fisheries.

The realization of this series had the support of PROMAR - Programa Operacional Pesca 2007-2013 (a national fund for the fisheries activities).

Episódio 4
Divulgação e Investigação Científica
Episódio 5
A Pesca Longínqua e a Indústria do Bacalhau
Episódio 6
Portos e Lotas
Episódio 7
Indústria e Comercialização do Pescado
Episódio 8
Qualidade e Inovação

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