Sea Itinerant University (UIM)

Fórum Oceano supports the member University of Porto (UP) on the performance of the Sea Itinerant University Project, since 2012.

Under the agreement with UP, students of higher educational institutions members of Fórum Oceano have more favorable conditions for participation.

The Universidade Itinerante do Mar (UIM) Project (Sea Itinerant University) was created in 2006 from the joint initiative of the University of Porto (Portugal) and the University of Oviedo (Spain) and later with the support of the Portuguese Naval Academy. Its aim is to provide university students a rich and diverse training experience under UIM’s motto: “Knowledge and Adventure”.

It has the following objectives:
Increase sea awareness
Offer additional training to young graduates
Fostering mutual understanding of the Iberian Peninsula
Provide an experience of knowledge and adventure
UIM has three main cicles:
Preparation Cycle
Achievement Cycle
Conclusion Cycle
Meetings between the three organisers and students, as well as training activities in an academic environment.

The main component is the Navigation time (Sea Course) and Academic moments, on board and in the ports, when moored.

Development and presentation of the work done by the students, according to the annual theme of each UIM campaign.
The positive evaluation of the project (analyzed by a jury set annually) is equivalent to the addition of ECTS in
students Academic Curriculum.

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