Fórum Oceano – Associação da Economia do Mar (Association of Maritime Economy) is a private non-profit corporate body, which aims to promote the Blue Economy.
Fórum Oceano was set up as result of the merger by incorporation of two Portuguese associations: Oceano XXI – Association for the Knowledge and Economy of the Sea (established in 2009) with FEEM – Association Business Forum of the Sea Economy (established in 2010), occurred in July 2015.

Maritime activities are dynamic and competitive segments of the economy, enhancing the Sea and its resources, generating value, promoting high-value jobs, and contributing to strengthening Portugal’s position in the global economy.

  • Strengthen dynamics of strategic cooperation between stakeholders;
  • Promote the competitiveness of the main value chains that use the Sea and its resources as central elements of their activity;
  • Contribute in a sustainable manner to economic growth, exports and employment;
  • Increase the relative importance of the Blue Economy in the economy of the country.
The Association has more than 100 members covering different sectors of activity of Blue Economy, such as the more traditional ones:
- Seafood Conservation, Processing and Comercialisation
- Shipbuilding, Ship repair and maintenance
- Nautical activities and Marine Tourism
- Maritime construction
- Fisheries and Aquaculture
- Ports, Transport and Logistics

the complementary areas:
- Maritime Culture
- Maritime Defence and Security
- Services

and the emerging sectors:
- Marine Bioresources and Biotechnology
- Marine Renewable Energy 
- Offshore and Oil & Gas