Fórum Oceano is the WestMED National Hub for Portugal

Within the initiative for the development of the blue economy in the western Mediterranean (WestMED), Fórum Oceano is the initiative' s National Hub for Portugal. 

About WestMED
The WestMED initiative involves 10 European and African countries - Algeria, France, Italy, Libya, Malta, Mauritania, Morocco, Portugal, Spain and Tunisia. In Portugal, the programme is coordinated by DGPM (Directorate General for Maritime Affairs), encompassing three regions: Lisbon, Alentejo and Algarve. 

The purpose of the Initiative is to foster sustainable blue growth and jobs, improve safety and security and preserve ecosystems and biodiversity in the western Mediterranean region. 

According to the European Commission Communication 183 Final (19.04.2017) the Initiative for the sustainable development of the blue economy in the western Mediterranean aims to: The Framework for Action- Staff working document complementary to the Communication), which reflects the goals and priorities selected in the Communication, identifies the following operational objetives:

1. A safer and more secure maritime space
2. A smart and resilient blue economy
3. Better governance of the sea

Within these goals, it was identified a set of priority themes and areas for the development of projects to be implemented in cooperation between the States: 
- IUU fishing
- Aquaculture
- Marine Litter
- Clean Shipping
- Cooperation between Clusters
- Tourism 

Website WestMED: www.westmed-initiative.eu