The Portuguese Nautical Working Group was founded following the results of the “Portugal Náutico” project, promoted by AEP – Associação Empresarial de Portugal in collaboration with Fórum Oceano, the Portuguese Maritime Cluster. This group was founded under the Fórum Oceano’ s activity and aims to foster the nautical tourism sector in Portugal. For this purpose, the group has worked to create and to certificate Nautical Stations in Portugal.
The value of the resources and Portugal’ s potential in the field of nautical tourism led to the development of the regulation to certificate the Nautical Stations. The legislation’s development process has also considered the experiences that exist in France and Spain. This process has also benefited from the framework provided by FEDETON - Fédération Européenne de Destinations Touristiques Nautiques, which is the managing entity of the international network of nautical stations. Fórum Oceano is a member of FEDETON since 2016.

What is a Nautical Station?

A Nautical Station is a quality network organised from the integrated valorisation of the nautical resources present in a territory. This network includes services for instance accommodation and restaurants, nautical activities and other activities or services relevant to the attraction of tourists and other users. The objective is to create adding value, diverse and integrated experiences. The Nautical Station aims to be a cooperation platform between players who offer a touristic product or service.
Despite being mainly coastal destinations, it is possible to constitute a Nautical Station in the territories from the interior of the countries. This kind of territories gathers conditions to obtain the certification, given the existence of stable water plans, namely rivers, lakes and reservoirs of dams.

What are the main vantages of creating a Nautical Station?
What can the visitant expect?

The Nautical Station ensures the quality of the touristic products and services. It also provides information and booking support to the visitants.

Which entities can apply to form a Nautical Station?

How to apply?

The application should be submitted to Fórum Oceano, which is the certification entity. The applications are evaluated by an Evaluation Commission, that gathers representatives from entities involved in the nautical, tourism and Sea policy development.

See here the Portuguese Nautical Station Regulation (PT version only)
Regulamento para a Certificação de Estações Náuticas de Portugal  (Regulation)

To submit your application please download the form (see word file below), fill it in and sent it to the email
This application form is only available in Portuguese. If you represent a foreign organisation that intends to apply, please contact us by email at or phone +351 220 120 764.

Formulário de Candidatura (Application form)

Certification Costs
(With the submission of the application form)

A) Applications coordinated by Fórum Oceano's members - 1000€ (+IVA)
B) Others - 2000€ (+IVA)